Advocating for the Indigenous First Nation Called Coloureds

The Indigenous First Nation Advocacy South Africa (IFNASA) is a Cultural Civil Rights Movement ,focusing on the Restoration of the Essence of the Classified Coloured People, Seed of the First and Foundation People of South Africa.


Indigenous First Nation Advocacy South Africa (IFNASA) platform aspire to Neutralize the ongoing “Institutional Racism of Racial Categorization” in both the State and Civil Society. We will attempt this by Dialogues, Conversations, Conferences and Workshop around the country. We distinguish ourselves as a liberation organization by focusing on the Khoe and San identified as the Coloured Community.

IFNASA is fighting for the Human Rights of those who are Classified Coloureds, while we categorically continue to say that we are not calling for Classified Coloured Nationalism or Separatism. We are fighting for the Liberation of Classified Coloured People and the freedom of every South African who believes that the First Nation People must be restored.


Documentary on the real history of the Khoe and San in South Africa

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A few highlights of the Indigenous First Nation Advocacy South Africa (IFNASA) since its inception.

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