IFNASA CARE Housing Workshops Report

A quick update regarding the IFNASA CARE Housing Workshops.

We had an awesome engagement with the Community and Stakeholders in Eldorado Park yesterday concerning Housing and Other Matters. The information was truly empowering as per the testimony by most of the Colleagues we spoke to over the season of these meetings, especially yesterday. It is noteworthy to mention that those who attended yesterday were there almost an hour before we started at 10 am and helped with the setup and were gripped to the discussions until 3 pm. It was cold but the discussions were warm, intriguing and kept People glued to the end. We are growing in knowledge as Classified Coloured People.

We discussed issues amongst others:

  1. Process of registration on the National Housing Needs Register for a RDP and other Housing and Subsidies;
  2. Rapid Land Release Program; and
  3. Mega Projects currently in development including Allocations and other issues.

We established the 2017 Housing Registration Tasked Team with the express objectives of:

  1. Investigation and Resolving the Missing Information regarding the Mass Registration project which happened for Eldorado Park and Klipspruit West People in 2017 and those registered were supposed to be on the National Housing Needs Register;


  1. To establish formal relationships with the Greater Eldorado Park Housing Task Team and to Enhance the work they are busy with.

The 2017 Housing Registration Tasked Team will meet on Tuesday 17th August 2021, 18H30 to Plan their activities. Those of Eldorado Park and Klipspruit West who are interested can contact us at info@ifnasa.co.za or 0614105986 or 066 250 4948.

There will be public announcements and continuous reports back regarding our work. Housing including other social and economic needs are desperate and we need to take hands with Stakeholders of every community.

We will be meeting Provincial Housing Officials this coming week regarding the complaints we lodged after our IFNASA CARE Housing Information Meetings in Ennerdale, South Hills / Moffatview, Riverlea, and Eldorado Park. We will meet some of the senior officials and give you feedback regarding the complaints you gave us.

We can report that we lodged formal complaints with the Public Protector and the South African Human Rights Commission. Our Court Case is imminent. The complaints are generally about the Human Rights Violations of Classified Coloured People in the province of Gauteng and the exclusion of social and economic development by the Provincial Government.

Colleagues, the IFNASA CARE Housing Information sessions proved to be effective and serious empowerment is evident. You should forward any outstanding and new matters to info@ifnasa.co.za and we will provide you with the relevant Colleagues who are focusing on Housing or Human Settlement in your area.

We would like to express our gratitude towards those who are in the frontline of these groundbreaking empowerment sessions. The information and knowledge impartation has the potential of changing our People’s future.

Remember – The People Liberate Themselves!



15th August 2021
Whatsapp: 066 250 4948
Email: info@ifnasa.co.za
Website: www.ifnasa.co.za

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