We are unapologetically focusing on Coloured Khoe & San Liberation

Indigenous First Nation Advocacy South Africa (IFNASA) is structured on six fundamental pillars.

Origin, land and Identity

Will focus extensively on scientific production of issues relating to the Origin of the Khoe, San and their subsequent mutation (or transfiguration) and assimilation into an identity called Colouredness. In addition, deal with the restitution of land, land tenure, land redistribution and reform

Education, Training, Arts and Culture

Essentially will deal with how the Khoi-San-Coloureds lost their Essence in-terms of their Culture and Language. In addition, elaborately research and study the issues of Identity and Race Classification and the vast paintings tracing to Khoi-San Heritage, Education (Knowledge) and Language excavation.

Economics, Business and Finance

Has the mandate to focus comprehensively on all economic and business related matters including small business, entrepreneurship and the informal economy and to create an inclusive economic share amongst all of South Africa’s

Indigenous African people. Our focus is to develop a platform for Coloured business coherence and a synergized economic voice that must assist South Africa in empowering broadly and harmoniously.  

Health Care

Indigenous peoples have the right to their traditional medicines and to maintain their health practices, including the conservation of their vital medicinal plants, animals and minerals. Indigenous individuals also have the right to access, without any discrimination, to all social and health services.


Is necessitated by a number contradictions, uncertainty and marginalization of the Khoe San Coloured Nation in South Africa. There are communities outside the Khoe San Coloured community who started occupying themselves with our community’s legal challenges.

Social and Community Development

Will focus on developing and empowering “classified coloured” communities through assistance in the people’s access social security, housing, essential services and community upliftment workshops.


Indigenous First Nation Advocacy South Africa (IFNASA) platform aspire to Neutralize the ongoing “Racism” of Racial Categorization. We will attempt this by Dialogues, Conversations, Conferences and Workshop around the country. It has become important to distinguish the work that different organizations are focusing on in the Khoi-San-Coloured community.

IFNASA is fighting for the Human Rights of those who are Classified Coloureds, while we categorically continue to say that we are not calling for Classified Coloured Nationalism or Separatism. We are fighting for the Liberation of Classified Coloured People and the freedom of every South African who believes that the First Nation People must be restored.


A few highlights of the activities of the Indigenous First Nation Advocacy South Africa (IFNASA) since its inception:

• We lodged a Constitutional Court Case, claiming South Africa as our Ancestral Land;

• We organized and facilitated Round Table discussions in Cape Town, KZN and Johannesburg;

• We fought and continue to fight for labour issues our People are confronted within the education,

government and other sectors with other organizations and individuals;

• We fought for the Youth who were discriminated against in the Health sector;

• We submitted our rejection of the mis-identification of our People with the South African Human Rights (SAHRC), who declared the label Coloured discriminatory and ordered that the government remove it.